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Performing quality level exceeding customer expectations. To be a software company with a global culture that supports the corporate sustainability work of companies by researching, producing, creating value and developing software.

Production Management System

The production management system (MES) is the software used to monitor, control and document the activities that take place until the raw material reaches the finished product stage.

It provides data from the production site and the existing ERP program with real-time system integrations. Provides real-time and secure access to information.

It increases efficiency and quality through its reactions to cases.

Energy Monitoring

The energy monitoring system provides data for the corporate sustainability work of the companies as a result of real-time monitoring and recording of the meters as well as the generated reports and savings achieved by controlling the system.

It allows firms to reduce their carbon footprint.

Machine Learning

Many algorithms are used in the Program where mathematical and statistical methods are selected according to the nature of the data.

The Program searches for repeating patterns in the data and learns by looking at the results of these patterns it finds. When faced with similar data series, he decides automatically according to the patterns he learns. It eliminates human error.

Process Monitoring

Industrial facilities are monitored and controlled through Process Management Systems. Keeps process data on the system, no data saved once on the system is lost or deleted.

The Program provides remote access to data over security networks. Increases efficiency and quality with instant reactions to cases.

Augmented Reality

Using smartphone, tablet or app-specific equipment, the animation of virtual objects on target objects is called Augmented Reality (AR).

Enrichment is real-time realities and interacts with surrounding elements.

Computer Vision

Available devices and systems range from barcode viewers, image sensors and system solutions tailored to application requirements.

Today & Future

We always believe in the power of knowledge. We know that the more you share, the more you increase exponentially.